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Mask and commedia dell'arte workshop

Masks, commedia dell'arte Workshop

Neutral mask
Commedia dell'arte
expressive masks

from Winter to Spring 2024

at Atelierforian Montreuil

Deepen your knowledge of acting with the bodily involvement required by the use of stage masks.

The Masks of Harlequin


Discover the documentary "The Masks of Harlequin" which I directed during my last filmmaking studies. "Where did this character come from? Who does he represent today?"

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The method

Patrick Forian, fondateur de la méthode Atelierforian
Patrick Forian, pedagogue
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Imagination, creativity awareness of the gesture

My method emphasizes gesture, posture and behavior in response to the environment and others.

The actor's physical involvement and the awareness of his role in the scenic composition, allow him to develop his capacities of interpretation, to express his emotions and his intentions with precision and force of truth.

Patrick Forian, fondateur de la méthode Atelierforian
Patrick Forian, pedagogue

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New collection of expressifs masks made by me

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Latest testimonials

Patrick, his teaching is a gateway to the world of the mask, keys that allow a new adventure on the paths of creation ... I learned, discovered, met, understood, appreciated (I had great fun actually). .. After the workshop with Patrick I made sense of how to make a mask live, I also created my first commedia show ... Thank you Patrick, see you soon who knows

Thierry Coursan - Théâtre du Sentier - mai 2018

I loved Patrick's body and emotions course. The work was extremely beneficial and taught me about the power of the non-verbal. There have been wonderful play structures led by Patrick who is a trainer with a lot of feeling, attention and talent!

Joel Stoll - Troupe Les Impropulseurs - mars 2018

Patrick is an excellent trainer who has guided us, with indulgence and generosity, during two days of training, in our quest for the (re) discovery of our bodies, great scenic tool! Thank you !

Julie Frigeni - Troupe Les Impropulseurs - mars 2018

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