Atelierforian - acting class - exercices with neutral masks.

A few words about the neutral mask

At the beginning of the last century, researchers, directors and pedagogues, artists like Jacques Copeau, Jean Dasté, Charles Dullin and Louis Jouvet, were interested in the use of the mask, both in learning and in a creative process or on stage.

Atelierforian - mime class

A few words about mime

Mime is an art of movement, the very definition of which can not be fixed.

I define the mime as a theatrical genre, grouping a variety of styles and languages, focused on visual dramaturgy. The body is particularly emphasized.

Scenes and illustrations of commedia dell'arte

A few words about commedia dell'arte

The commedia dell'arte appeared in Italy in the course of the sixteenth century, bearing different names such as, comedies of Zanni or all'improvviso. Commedia dell'arte actually means comedy - theatrical performances - of profession - in the corporatist sense. We can say that the comedians dell'arte were the first professionals of the live show in Europe.

Atelierforian - gallery of masks

Gallery of masks

Full face expressive masks, half masks of the commedia dell'arte and noses, which I made.

the Captan Il Dottore Brighella Zanni Fino Léandrovitch Matamore female Zanni Tartaglia Zanni
Atelierforian - trainings picture gallery

Picture gallery

Find the pictures of the last workshops and courses : acting, commedia dell'arte, masks, mime...

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Theater to open up daily

"A technique that is often conducive to personal development, the theater makes it possible to increase its ability to listen and react on a daily basis. This creative learning encourages the development and experience of a collective way of working." Meeting with Patrick Forian, professional actor in Paris."

- Article published in Paris-Normandie November 2017

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