A few words about Mime

an art in motion

Mime is an art of movement, the very definition of which can not be fixed.

I define mime as a theatrical genre, grouping a variety of styles and languages, focused on visual dramaturgy. The body is particularly emphasized.

Atelierforian - cours de mime

a visual dramaturgy

Atelierforian mime mouvement The practice of this art pays particular attention to the articulation of the body, the dissociation of movement and the development of an emphasized gestural language. The corporeal engagement specific to mime amplifies the expression of intentions, ideas, feelings, through movement and in the scenic space.

Learning this art requires preparation of a physical condition, to sharpen the attention and concentration of the mime-actor. I teach students exercises based on coordinating movements and harmonizing intentions and actions. After becoming aware of the uniqueness of the body, mime-apprentices approach techniques of dissociation and articulation (segmentation) of the body. This is to bring mobility and freedom of play to students while structuring the body, thus expanding their expressive potential.

I associate gladly the dramaturgy of the mime with a cinematographic writing, as much in the composition of a scene as in the expression of an emotion or in the rhythmic division of the time and the space. Mime is an art of illusion that does not tend to a realistic expression, an art of the image, based on the absence or economy of words.