Atelierforian - acting class

Acting Workshop

mastering your image

The training is for performing and broadcasting artists (actors, musicians, dancers ...) wishing to improve their acting techniques and learn to master their image on stage or on camera.

Atelierforian - acting workshop : the body on stage

Workshop Physical Training

Actor play
Gesture and scenic composition

The training is aimed at performing arts and audiovisual artists (comedians, musicians, dancers, circus artists ...) wishing to perfect their acting technique, learn to master their body expressiveness and their movements in the stage space and to manage the relationship to the public.

Atelierforian - Mask Movement Theatre Workshop

Mask / Movement Workshop

Masked theater
from carnival to contemporary scenes

Playground of practice and discovery, this workshop will take you to explore different registers of mask theater, traditional and contemporary, from European folk customs as the commedia dell'arte and carnival. This workshop is for anyone wishing to discover and practice the techniques of masked and body play, increasing his stage presence, enrich its range of expression.

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Atelierforian - Mask and commedia dell'arte Workshop

Masks Workshop

Neutral mask
Commedia dell’arte
Larval masks

This workshop aims to train you in the techniques of mask theater, by offering a journey through several types of expressive masks, issued from popular traditions like commedia dell'arte and carnival in Basel. The course is open to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of acting through the body implication that demand the use of theatrical masks.

Atelierforian - commedia dell'arte Workshop

Commedia dell'arte Workshop

Commedia dell’arte
Characters and Canvas

This course is intended for anyone wishing to discover the commedia dell'arte, to deepen their knowledge of the masked play, to improve their techniques of acting, through the use of scenic masks and the study of the customs that formed the characters of the Italian comedy.

Atelierforian - from Clown to Buffoon Workshop

From Clown to Buffoons

Street and Theater Clowns
Grotesque and Buffoonery

The training is aimed at performing arts and audiovisual artists (comedians, musicians, dancers, circus artists ...) wishing to perfect their playing techniques, approach the comic mechanisms with precision and sensitivity and develop their ability to adapt to different scenes and audiences.

Atelierforian - Personal coaching

Personal coaching

Auditions, castings,
speaking in public

You wish to work on theatrical techniques, on oral and physical communication, I accompany you to prepare for hearings or other types of interventions in public.

Atelierforian - Artistic Consulting

Artistic Consulting

I accompany your artistic projects, staging, directing or directing actors.

You want to create a short performance or a whole play, you need technical skills of acting or staging, mime, clown or masked play. I propose you a personalized accompaniment during the creation or the reprise of your show.