Actor play

actor's physical training Gesture and scenic composition

Objectives :

The purpose of this training is to provide students with corporeal techniques that will allow them to develop their interpretation skills, master their gestures, structure their imagination, gain ease in their game and expand their presence on scene and in front of a camera. It revolves around the actor's physical involvement, the expressiveness of feelings and the scenic composition.

Atelierforian - actor's physical training

group exercises, choir, mime and scenic compositions

Educational and technical means :

The exercises on group dynamics will lead participants to develop their awareness, play and responsiveness skills. They will use techniques based on imagination and sensory memory, to guide the body to react naturally to a given environment (imagined or real).

Throughout the course, trainees will discover the richness of mime techniques from different methods. They will practice exercises of segmentation and articulation of the body, harmonization of intention and gesture, coordination between gesture and breathing. They will also address the principles of association and dissociation between voice and gesture. The study of movement will be done through concrete actions and expressions of feelings.

group exercises, choir, mime and scenic compositions

The use of the neutral mask will allow participants to compare the relationship between what is believed to be expressed and what is perceived by others, comparing attitudes, gestures and universal behaviors to those influenced by the culture of each.

The trainees will apprehend the scenic space by its dramatic and symbolic value, they will sharpen their consciousness of body language as a universal and poetic means of communication. They will learn, through improvisations favoring a sincere and ample game, to express the emotions with precision and force of truth, adjusting with finesse their attitudes, gestures and movements, according to the role of each one in the composition of a scenic or cinematographic image.

group exercises, choir, mime and scenic compositions

These techniques will allow trainees to master their image, to compose their game, to become aware of the emotions returned to the public and the emotions they want to arouse.